Q & A for Nitric Oxide


Can I take L-arginine only and increase nitric oxide? No any supplement program that does not include L-citrulline and our antioxidants to argument L-arginine – and most on the market do not – is missing out on a major piece of the potential nitric oxide to improve your cardiovascular health.


Can nitric oxide supplement program benefit those who have suffered cardiovascular damage? Yes, our supplement program help you even reverse its effects and can help prevent future cardiovascular disease.


What can nitric oxide program do for me? It can restore the normal production and activity of nitric oxide in your body and improve your cardiovascular health by:

  •  lowering your blood pressure 

  •  improve your circulation 

  •  delay the onset or progression of Atherosclerous 

  •  reduce your likelihood of (and possibly prevent) having a heart attack or stroke.

These claims are supported in Dr. Ignarro's own lab at UCLA School of medicine and many other research scientists around the world.

I'm young, thin, my cholesterol and blood pressure are good and I have no family history of heart disease - Why do I need to take Cardio 5000?   Answer - A new study shows that a large proportion of normal weight, and apparently healthy, young people already have some thickening in their blood vessel walls...According to Dr. Larose, an assistant professor and co-director of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance at the Quebec Heart Institute at Laval University in Quebec City.  They had...no diabetes, their cholesterol and blood pressure levels were normal...none were obese...basically the picture of health.  Of the 168 healthy normal weight volunteers...ages 18 to 35...almost half - 48% - showed signs of blood vessel thickening, an early indication of developing cardiovascular disease.  Cardio 5000 is the preventive answer!


How can nitric oxide help Atheroscerous? What happens – the smooth inner walls of your arteries gradually thicken and lose some of their elasticity and over time fatty deposits or plaque accumulate on the arterial walls. Commonly called hardening of the arteries it impairs normal blood flow which can cause premature aging, disability and impaired memory. Answer - When your body produces healthy amounts of nitric oxide, plaque formulation and atherosclerous is much likely to occur and may even be reversible.


What can nitric oxide do for hypertension? What happens – it means you have excessive pressure on your arteries which can lead to inflammation of the arteries which is followed by atheroclerous and plaque formation. Hypertension can also enlarge the heart, trigger a heart attack or stroke, and set the stage for kidney failure. Answer - Nitric oxide can dilate the smooth muscles of the blood vessels allowing your vessels to relax and allow blood to flow easily through them – even quite possibly lower the blood pressure according to Dr. Ignarro's clinical studies.


What triggers a heart attack and how can nitric oxide help? They are triggered by more than blood clots. It can be caused by excessive plaques in the arteries or by a temporary but sudden contraction or spasm of the artery called a vasospasm that impedes blood flow. When deprived of oxygen a section of the heart tissue will “starve” and start to die. Answer - Nitric oxide can greatly deminish your chances of having a second attack, so even if you are a cardiac patient, you can help yourself.


What if I have already had a heart attack? Answer - By acting to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improve circulation, nitric oxide can offer you protection against heart attacks.


What is a stroke and how can nitric oxide help?  Heart attacks strike the heart whereas strokes attack the brain. Both can be triggered by blood clots, but strokes are the result of clots settling in the vessels leading to the brain. When that happens, the clots can interfer with normal blood flow and deprive the brain cells of oxygen. The outcome can be brain damage, disability, or even death. Answer - Two of nitric oxide's critical functions are preventing the formation of blood clots and keeping the arteries free of plaque which work specifically against the occurrence of a stroke. Yes, most definitely, our nitric oxide can help!


How soon will you feel the effects of Cardio 5000? Answer - You will begin to experience its positive effects in as little as two weeks.


Can I take Cardio 5000 with or without food? Answer - Cardio can be taken with or without food. There is no evidence that any of their components will cause gastric irratation if you take it on an empty stomach.


What happens when you have diabetes? With diabetes have an increased likelihood of developing heart disease and high blood pressure. You are vulnerable to eye problems, called retinopathy , which can lead to blindness. You are prone to nerve damage or neuropathy. You are susceptible to kidney disease and complications from taking drugs for diabetes, Your hands, legs and feet may easily bruise and heal slowly. You could face circulatory problems in the lower limbs which could lead to amputation. Even following your Doctor's recommendation you are still not immune from serious complications.  Read next Q & A for the solution.


How can nitric oxide help diabetes? Answer - Evidence is still building what nitric oxide can do for diabetes but it can intervene to help prevent potential complications. Most diabetic complications are vascular in nature and are associated with high levels of oxidativ youre stress that impair the endothelia cells that produce nitric oxide. With our cardi 5000 supplement, and along with Genesis and Ultra Vitality, you can reduce the damage to your endothelia cells, boost your nitric oxide production and halt the development and progression of diabetic complications.


What can nitric oxide do for erectile dysfunction? Research has shown that the erectile tissues of men with severe erectile dysfunction produce much less nitric oxide compared without the problem. Answer - Research has demonstrated that nitric oxide can improve blood flow to the penis by stimulating the production of cycle GMP directly in the erectile tissue. Once nitric oxide increases men with erectile dysfunction can see an improved sex life.


What can nitric oxide do for cholesterol problems? As your cholesterol levels climb, so does your chances of a heart attack rise as well. Answer - Nitric oxide increase can safely control your cholesterol levels.


What does nitric oxide do? Answer - Nitric oxide helps preserve the elasticity of all the vessels, because it is a “signaling molecule” that tells the blood vessels to increase in width and dilate. Nitric oxide influences the functioning of virtually every bodily organ, including the lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, genitals, and of course, the heart. Among the many vital duties nitric oxide performs is its role as a vasodilator, meaning that it helps control blood flow to every part of the body. Nitric oxide relaxes and enlarges the blood vessels, ensuring that blood can efficiently nourish the heart. It works to prevent the formation of blood clots which trigger heart attacks and strokes and it regulates blood pressure.

  • Another key role of nitric oxide is to slow the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels.

  • Nitric oxide is used by the immune system to starve off infectious bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and it even curtails the proliferation of certain types of cancerous cells.

  • Nitric oxide is crucial to memory function because the brain uses it to store long term memories, as well as to transmit information.

  • As an inflammatory, nitric oxide is being studied in its apparent role in reducing the swelling and discomfort of arthritis. It can guard against stomach ulcers by maintaining normal blood flow to the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal system.

  • Nitric oxide increase blood flow to the genitals, thus playing an important role in normal sexual functioning.

  • Nitric oxide is a powerful antioxidant, deactivating so-called oxygen “free radicals” in the body that can contribute to America's four leading killers: cancer,diabetes, heart disease and stroke.


When is the best time to take Cardio 5000? Answer - It is best to take Cardio 5000 just before retiring for the night. Most heart attacks occur at night during the early morning when our endothelia cells produce only minimal amounts of nitric oxide.


Are there any side effects from L-arginine? Answer -By taking Cardio 5000 you can expect no side effects. No side effects have been reported in medical literature and it is safe for children to take.


What can nitric oxide do for rheumatoid arthritis? Answer - Nitric oxide can produce a reversal of fortune for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers blocking exaggerated inflammatory processes by means of a number of mechanisms:

  • nitric oxide is apotent antioxidant and also an anti-inflammatory and helps minimize the effects of rheumatic arthritis.

  • Nitric oxide can interact with enzymes and genes that play a role in inflammation. As it turns off these enzymes, it can reduce the severity of the inflammation.

  • Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels which promotes blood flow and healing.


What can nitric oxide do for cancer? Answer - Nitric oxide can inhibit the growth of cancer cells-not only in the earliest stages when there may be only a few undetected cells, but also later in the disease process. High levels of nitric oxide may be able to slow cancer proliferation, keeping the cancer in a holding pattern long enough for the bodies own immune system to prepare to destroy malignant cells on its own. Researchers are now saying that one of the most important functions of nitric oxide is to prevent the onset of various cancers by inhibiting abnormal cell growth.As a powerful antioxidant, nitric oxide can derail the growth of abnormal cells involved in many types of cancer and keep the cancer at bay.


What can nitric oxide do for ulcers? A growing body of evidence strongly suggests that impairment of blood flow in the vessels and the muscosal lining of the stomach and duodenum contribute to the ulcerative process. Answer - By taking our nitric oxide supplement Cardio 5000 to restore normal blood flow and help elevate your nitric oxide production-you may be able to reduce substantially the severity of your symptoms.


What can nitric oxide do for Urinary Incontinence? Answer - Medical science has learned that deficiencies in nitric oxide production are unquestionably a factor in incontinence. Cardio 5000 does an excellent job of relaxing the bladder's smooth muscle, permitting it to expand normally and fill with urine. By boosting your nitric oxide levels with our nitric oxide program, you may be able to reduce or eliminate incontinence.


Finally - you don't have to wait...
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In closing, one out of two Americans will die of cardiovascular disease-which in most cases could have been prevented. You can beat those odds, even if you currently have high blood pressure, have suffered a heart attack, or at high risk. The power to lead an entirely new and healthier life is in your hands. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will begin to see results very possibly in a matter of weeks.